Sunday, 21 September 2014

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar from Lush

This is quite a bold statement to make, but I'm going to just put it out there. I think this may be my favourite scent from Lush. If not top, definitely in the top 5 (we all know how indecisive I am). 

I've been picking this up and smelling it every time I've been in Lush in the last few weeks (that is more times than is probably healthy, especially for my bank balance) and it just smells gorgeous. It has a very sweet scent that is definitely not for everyone, but it is perfect for me.

A slight down side is that I did find you don't get anywhere near as many bubbles from this as you do from the likes of The Comforter and the bath water doesn't really change colour. That being said, the smell is 100% worth it in my opinion. Even just having it in my room was lovely, every time I walked past it I noticed how beautiful it smelled. 

Despite not having enough bubbles to build a bubble mountain, there were still a good few there and they lasted a fairly long time, although again, not as long as The Comforter. As this is one of the smaller bubble bars, I break it into 2 and get 2 baths from it but you can use the whole thing in one go if you want a particularly bubbly bath.

I love the smell of this so much I went out and bought another one once I'd used half and I think it's going to be a default buy every time I run out of it! 

Have you tried Creamy Candy? What did you think of it?

Lucy x

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