Sunday, 17 August 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints

I've never been a fan of Barry M nail polishes. They get a lot of hype online and I've never really understood why. I've owned 2 of their regular polishes for a while now and I've found both to be far too much effort to bother with as they took about 7 coats to be opaque and as someone who has very little patience, I just couldn't be bothered with it. 

Keeping that in mind, I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to buy one of their Gelly Hi-Shine polishes but boy am I glad I did. A few months ago I purchased the pink one in the shade Dragon 314. The colour is a lovely, strong pink but it was the formulation of it that I fell in love with. These nail paints have a very opaque look although they do go on quite thick which I'm not bothered about at all if it means a good colour. The main thing I love about them is the fact that because they're designed to be similar to the gel finish you can get from nail salons, the finish is glossy without the need for a top coat and more importantly, they last for AGES without chipping. I'm talking like 2-3 weeks here. For me this is brilliant because I play guitar almost every day meaning my nails usually chip very quickly on my left hand but I've finally found a nail polish that doesn't!

Because I fell so in love with the pink I went out in search of a new red (it is no secret that red is my favourite colour and I was in desperate need of a red nail polish that was not old and gross). I found 'Blood Orange 405' which, despite the name, is most definitely red and while looking found the beautiful light blue which is the shade 'Huckleberry 414'. I don't think I've ever loved a nail colour as much as I love Huckleberry and I mean when my nails need re-painting I've been taking it off and repainting the same colour. It's beautiful and seems to look lovely with whatever colour outfit I'm wearing. Perfect!

I really can't recommend these nail polishes enough. The colour range is huge and I'm sure I'll be buying more at some point but most importantly, they're super affordable - £3.99 each! Definitely worth it if you ask me!

Lucy x

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Gelly Nail Effects - Dragon Fruit
Gelly Nail Effects - Blood Orange

Gelly Nail Effects - Huckleberry


  1. I love the colour range of these nail polishes, especially the pastel blue. That colour is sooo pretty. I wish they sold Barry M in Australia, I don't think they do but maybe it's a good thing because otherwise I would have a very empty wallet x

    1. The colour range is great isn't it! It seems like whatever type of colour you want they've got it! The blue is definitely my favourite. It's a shame they don't but I definitely know what you mean, I often have to drag myself away! x

  2. Red is my favorite color too!! The Blood Orange color is gorgeous!!


    1. If you like red, you'll love this nail polish! It's such a lovely, classic red. I'd definitely recommend it :)

  3. Colors are so beautiful,love them!
    Lovely post!xx
    Keep in touch :)

    1. They're brilliant aren't they! Thank you very much, glad you liked it. Will do! :) x